Welcome to APCFS2016


The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) is pleased to invite you to The 10th Asia-Pacific Conference on Fracture and Strength; APCFS2016, to be held at Toyama International Convention Center in Toyama, Japan on Sep. 19-22, 2016.

All topics of advanced technology regarding fracture and strength of materials and structure, from basic research to industrial applications, will be of interest in APCFS2016.

APCFS2016 News!

  • On Aug. 16, 2016, Excursion Tour has been cancelled.
  • On Jul. 8, 2016, the service will be stopped during the following period.
    1, between 6 P.M. on Wed. Aug. 10 and 9 A.M. on Tue. Aug 17 (on JST)
    2, between 5P.M. on Fri. Aug. 19 and noon on Mon. Aug.22 (on JST)
  • On Jul. 8, 2016, The staff of JSME office for APCFS2016 visa application (e-mail: apcfsvis@jsme.or.jp) is out of the office during the following period.
    1, between Tue. Aug. 23 and Fri. Aug 26 (on JST)
    2, between Thur. Sep. 11 and Thur. Sep. 15 (on JST)
  • On May. 18, 2016, early bird registration deadline is extended to June 30, 2016!
  • On Feb.1,2016, abstract submission deadline is extended to February 26,2016!!
  • On Dec.18,2015, abstract submission deadline is extended to January 31,2016.
  • Registration web site just opened on Nov 16, 2015. GO to tab “Registration“.
  • On Oct. 24, 2015, new web site of APCFS2016 was created.

APCFS Overview

The APCFS conferences started in 1993 in Tsuchiura, Japan, followed by Kyungju, Korea (1996), Xi’an, China (1999), Sendai, Japan (2001), Jeju, Korea (2004), Sanya, China (2006), Yokohama, Japan as APCMM (2009), Busan, Korea as APCFS-MM (2012), and the last conference was held in Sydney, Australia as APCFS/SIF (2014). All the APCFS conferences were a great success and were organized by KSME-MFD, CMES-IMME, AFG and JSME-MMD.

APCFS2016 aims to share state-of-the-art scientific and technological knowledge concerning ‘fracture and strength’ among dedicated researchers and engineers from the Asia-Pacific region as well as other areas of the world in order to realize a safe and secure society. The information will cover the fields of solid mechanics, structural mechanics and material mechanics to name a few. Another significant aim of APCFS2016 is the international and interdisciplinary exchange of information between a large number of mechanical engineers and scientists during this four-day event. APCFS2016 will also offer more informal settings where participants can converse with colleagues and friends over refreshments.

Co-organizing Society and Supporters

APCFS2016 is an international event and will be hosted by JSME and co-organized by the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers, Materials and Fracture Division(KSME-MFD),  Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Institute of Materials for Mechanical Engineers(CMES-IMME), Australian Fracture Group(AFG) and the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Materials and Mechanics Division(JSME-MMD), and supported by Toyama Prefecture and Toyama City.



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